Digital Solutions

Infinity Orthodontics can fabricate your appliances from your intraoral scanner.  We have our own 3D printers and can print directly from your scans. Saving you time and money!

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Removable Appliances

We can fabricate your custom removable appliances today!  Want a Hawley retainer? Want a tooth moving spring? 2-2 bow? Labial Acrylic? We can make your design a reality today!

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Fixed Appliances

Get your Phase one treatments here.  Fixed expanders, Holding arches and more!  We can fabricate using your bands or ours!

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We understand that quality is a very important part of your practice and because of this we take a comprehensive approach towards helping you achieve this. We know that if a case does not fit it is more than just the retainer which has to be remade, the patient has to be rescheduled, new impressions taken, contact the lab, etc.  The loss of time that this causes you is irreplaceable and should be avoided at all costs.

Our first way we can assure quality is the materials that we use.  We use a chrome-cobalt-nickel alloy wire in all of our retainers labial bows and parts.  This is a premium wire which allows for excellent adjustability, memory, and resilience.  We also use American made acrylics of the highest quality.  Our second quality assurance is our technicians who make a multitude of technical decisions, on a daily basis, that impact the quality of your cases.  These technicians are experienced in all aspects of fabrication and technical standards.  We work extra hard to make sure your appliances fit as accurately as possible.  Our quality assurance inspections make sure that our standards and more importantly your standards are met by each and every case.

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